• Supplementary technical services
  • Service from the beginning

    Configuring to choose optimum process for surface texture begins even before you decide process details. You can select one of our grain
    collection from thousands of designs, but we also give you an entire guidance for grain creation. Grain feasibility test also undergo scuffing
    and contamination resistance test, and we try to eliminate potential risks before grain is applied for mass production.

  • Surface Repair

    Moltex possesses special techniques for repair of damaged tools. Unforeseen accidents on molds take place during mass procuction, but Moltex’ unique technique for grain touch in combination of chemical etching and physical treatment revive the surface quality in-time. We support you during the entire lifetime of your mold with our customized services. We will maintain surface quality for your optimum production conditions. Upon the customer’s request, we fly to almost anywhere in the world within 24 hours to bring solutions. For logistics, we locate and store some key materials required for our work on site for 365 days a year.

  • Mold Inspection

    It is important that mold steel must be adequate for chemical etching. In this respect, we also give a suitable guidance to customers for steel conditions before we start working. Condition check for welding, polish-finishing, and adjustment of sliders must be well controlled, and our service team runs to customers to resolve potential issues. Trust leads everyone to success.

  • Pretex®

    Wrapping of texture source on master model is the most important and quality-decisive step during the nickel shell manufacturing. Traditionally,
    PVC with texture has widely been used to express texture details on
    surfaces. This technique is also applied in prototype presentations
    on real parts to support designer’s review though complete
    built-in models.

  • Prelaser®

    Laser technology is also making a breakthrough in texturing on models. Prototype models have been built on aluminum for small-and medium size electronics goods. This technology can also be extended to the area of automotive to substitute traditional Pretex® and guarantee both precision and accuracy. Seamless feature should be very attractive in the application of regular technical patterns on high curvature surfaces.

  • Advanced Pretex®

    In order to facilitate design review process with a variety of textures,
    faster and easier process to offer wrapping materials other than
    PVC which is produced tedious rolling method. Digital printing
    technology enables bottom-up layering of complex 3D textures,
    and reliable skin materials can be obtained out of it.
    Visual effects and feeling are perfectly regenerated.