• Chemical Etching
  • Traditional way
    but distinct class
  • Chemical Etching - Art on Plastics

    Chemical etching is traditional, but still the most versatile treatment
    to express texture details on steel surface.
    For this reason, Moltex etching technology is popularly applied in
    many plastic industries. Whatever application your product
    requires, our textures by etching provides beautiful and natural results
    that certainly elevate your product values. A variety of textures collected
    not only mimics natural appearances often seen in leather and fab-
    rics, but also presents countless creative arts.

  • Always the Right Art

    At Moltex, you will get immediately inspired by a huge number
    of ready-made texture designs and simply choose what you need.
    You can also ask customization upon your ideas, and designers
    and engineers in Moltex make efforts to implant exact design
    flavor on your product through intensive discussions with you.

  • Handcraft but Cutting - Edge Technology

    Manual skill is very important, and more than a hundred
    qualified engineers, technicians, and artists struggle towards the
    uniqueness of designs everyday. More importantly, however,
    various high technologies and scientific knowledge are
    integrated for the work. Chemistry always drives work conditions
    to optimize in film printing, masking agent, and etchant blending.
    Our simulation analysis renders textures to be previewed and
    significantly eliminates potential mistakes during the manual job.

  • Multi-Layer Photochemical Etching

    With Moltex, you are benefited from decades of experience in 3D
    patterning, which is Multi-Layer Process. Chemical etching process
    is natively 2-dimensional and obviously limits design freedom in
    the expression of complicated nature of texture surface. Minute slices
    along with surface level are handled by multi-layer etching
    process to break through the restriction.

  • Single-Layer Etching (SingLet®)

    Thanks to advancement of DPS, single-layer etching that astonish-
    ingly expresses 3D patterns is available now. Instead of slicing
    embossed surface to obtain a number of contour layers, an image
    in depth-proportional grey-scale can be used as film. It is a great
    contrast with traditional multi-layer process, giving you fairly neat
    quality of textures. SingLet® is simple, easy, and fast enough to
    meet customer’s cost effective requirement. Just select a way of
    texturing that makes you work easier from our comprehensive
    range of artwork.

  • Digital Printing System (DPS)

    Moltex challenges the real limit of details day-by-day. Now a
    few-decamicron scale of dots and lines are available thanks to the
    DPS. This system enables higher resolution of textures on films
    and ultimately on plastic surfaces. Human naked eyes marginally
    discriminate the limit and the system delivers finer textures than
    ever. Digital control also guarantees uniform quality throughout

  • Dual-Tone Graining

    Dual-tone graining is another powerful application of Micro-Texture
    Treatment (MTT®).
    Handling light reflection on surfaces, we can create a lot of
    fantastic visual effects. Dual-tone grains are often recognized due
    to its distinct line contrast in patterns originated from the separate
    gloss features between the top and bottom surfaces of embossed
    grain. This sophisticated gloss manipulation is only enabled by
    such a high resolution printing technique.

  • Gloss Control is No More an Option

    Customers enjoys a variety of techniques that control gloss level
    on a pre-textured mold surface. Flatex® is the first generation
    process to deal with gloss, and now more fine-tuned treatment is
    implanted in conjunction with DPS. Micro-Texture Treatment
    (MTT®) is reborn as present generation of technology.
    Surface modification to scatter light reflection is adjusted by fine
    lines and dots realized at up to 2500 dpi.