• Laser Engraving
  • Digital control
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  • Laser Makes Dream Come True

    Moltex have been investigating more reliable and innovative ways
    of texturing that obviously help us break the traditional way of
    technology. 5-Axis laser engraving system should be one of them.
    The entirely digitalized technology just renders images, calculates,
    and thinks numerically by itself to cut steel surfaces on mold. In
    conjunction with the cutting-edge 5-axis technology, not only flat
    surface but also complex three dimensional shape of mold cavity
    can be treated for even big size tools like bumpers. In contrast to
    the preceding method, the high energy laser directly sculpts steel
    surface by ablation. The physical method simply enables three
    dimensionally complex patterns which were very difficult in the
    past to be realized by traditional chemical etching process.
    More design freedom with higher precision is now guaranteed.


    Digitally memorized data reproduce same quality on molds as many
    as repeated. This feature offers special benefits to customers who
    build multiple cavities and molds for mass production in faster and
    more reliable fashion of work.

  • No More Seam Lines with Less Distortion

    Digital image rendering relieves concern of seaming and severe distortion on a complex surface. Cut-and-seam process was often unavoidable in traditional film work on such a dramatic curvature transforming area. Thanks to computer graphics, designers are able to obtain freedom to find optimized mapping condition which meets customer’s specific desire of quality.

    Higher Reliability by Reverse Engineering

    Traditional allowance of tolerances of big molds is often out of the range that laser beam focusing can absorb. Discrepancies between CAD data and actual mold might create mistakes that can’t be recovered. This risk can be checked prior to laser engraving by 3D scanning on mold cavity. The newly obtained surface data enables reverse engineering to read actual data of mold.

  • Ultra-Fine Textures Available

  • Laser Process